Most men in and around Lucknow have not experienced the wonders of hiring an escort girl. Yet at any one time, there will be thousands thinking about the idea and quickly dismissing it as hiring a London escort is not as straightforward as going into a café and get a coffee?

Raman (not his real name) had never tried to hire a Lucknow escort before and had no idea where to even begin his search. So he attempted to try the experience by doing some research. He desperately wanted some female company and was missing the charm of a woman badly since his last relationship broke down over eight years ago.

Raman had been a single man for so long that he felt it must have been written on his forehead. He explained, “During my last two-year relationship with a hot 40-year old with long black hair, I was having no trouble with women. They often winked at me and gave me the eye in a bar even when I was with my girlfriend.”

He went on, “Often my girlfriend and I would bust out into arguments about girls flirting with me while she was present, so she didn’t get mad she just got even.” The relationship broke down because of her jealousy and her “revenge flirting” with other men.

Although Raman was upset when he was dumped by text message following another stormy night at a local bar, he knew another girlfriend would come along soon enough. Only it didn’t. As he strutted out with his male chums on a Saturday night and eyed up the local beauties, he never got so much as a phone number, a sideways look or any body language that suggested love might be an option if he played his cards right.

The truth is that when you are a single man you are no longer holding the attraction of a taken man. A woman hunting for a partner or someone to love will be naturally attracted to a guy with a girl on his arm, as that shouts volumes about his potency. And when that girl on the arm of a man is strikingly beautiful, he becomes all the more attractive to the opposite sex. Perhaps it’s the feeling in a woman that if he can bag a beauty like that, he must have potential. The same principles apply, only in reverse, for the unfortunate single male too.

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